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The Courage of Kings

In this fast-paced thriller, Ben and Bree race against time to save Molly . . . and the world.

It’s been two years since Benjamin and Breelyn Stanton lost their only son, Jayden, to a random shooting on an LA freeway.

They appear to be coping with their loss as they continue running their companies and living a life of tasteful elegance within the wealthy Southern California scene, but they both know their worlds are crumbling from the inside out.

What starts as an international trip to escape their grief soon evolves when they discover an intriguing entry in Jayden’s journal. As their carefully constructed lives continue to unravel, they find themselves propelled into the middle of a terrorist plot involving the CIA, an orphanage full of children, and a deadly ticking time bomb.

As Ben and Bree seek to uncover the secret alluded to by Jayden, their very souls, the fate of millions—and the destiny of an orphan girl name Molly—hang in the balance.

As their riveting story unfolds, Ben and Bree—and the people they meet along the way—must each make life-changing decisions. Will they keep running? Or will they step with courage into their destinies?

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Dana Hallin is passionate about travel, artistic expression and deep spiritual connection. She currently divides her time between the deserts of Arizona and the lakes and mountains of Northern Idaho.


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